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Break-In Procedures for Platinum Torque Gear Sets

Breaking in a new gear set is the last and most important part of your differential set up.  Proper break in will allow your ring & pinion set to give you many years of service.  New ring & pinions will generate more heat just after installation.  Initial heat buildup can cause premature failure if break in procedures are not followed.   

Your first drive with a new ring & pinion set installed should be under normal conditions (with no hard acceleration or towing) for approximately 15 miles.  Stop the vehicle and let the differential cool down completely (up to 1-hour).  Drive conservatively for the first 500 miles, continuing to avoid hard accelerations and towing.  After the 500 mile break in process have the gear oil drained and refilled.  During break in small particles will be dispersed into the oil from the gear set and new bearing surfaces.  The gear oil will also lose its protective properties and viscosity due to the heat build up, during break in.  A light metallic swirl in the oil is normal.         

Towing:  After the initial 500 mile break in, tow short distances (15 miles or less), stopping to let the differential cool down.  After completing 3 short tows followed by the cooling down time, you may begin to tow like normal up to the vehicles maximum ratted towing capacity.  For towing applications we recommend change the gear oil out again after an additional 500 miles.    

Have Questions about Platinum Torque Gears?

Like any high-quality ring and pinion gear set, we recommend Platinum Torque Gear Sets be installed by a qualified professional. If you have questions or need assistance, call us today toll-free at