Premium Gear Sets

Why Do Platinum Torque Gear Sets Cost Less?

There are two ways to offer lower cost gear sets:

1. Buy cheap gear sets that have sub-par material and heat treatment. We don’t work that way!

2. Buy high quality manufacturer’s over production or overstock at reduced prices and offer them under a private label brand, saving R & D and marketing costs. That’s how we save you money!


Just like the clothing industry, there is a market for high quality, name brand production over runs or overstock. Platinum Torque Offers The Best Ring and Pinion Value On The Market Today.These manufacturers may have pricing agreements in place that prevent them from offering their products at such a reduced price, so they offer them to established companies that agree to re-label, or re-box them as a private label. You can be assured Platinum Torque Gears are Top Quality, properly machined and heat treated.



Are Platinum Torque Gears Available For My Vehicle?

Since we buy over production and overstock gears, our inventory can change from month to month. You can check our Ebay auctions under the user ID nationaldrivetrain or National Drivetrain for current inventory. If you see what you need available, we suggest taking advantage of the low pricing and purchase now while in stock. You’ll save money on high quality gears! Call us today toll-free at 866-427-0080.